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Mathematician : University of Kashmir : Srinagar

University of Kashmir

University Campus, Hazratbal, Srinagar 190006, Jammu and Kashmir [estd. 1948]

Courses offered
MSc Maths

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One Response to “Mathematician : University of Kashmir : Srinagar”

  1. The Director / Secretary
    Associations of Doctors / Scientists / Schools & Colleges

    Please reach to a simple education of Shastras’ / Ethics by arranging competitions or interactions & reach to the best world / abstracts free life by true education. Various & confused words like Brahma / Vishnu / Mahesh / Atma, Permatma, Deowata (Man), Devias’ (Females), Permeshwar etc. in Hindi are there to confuse by Guru / educators’ of shastras’ , which is harmful for children.
    Education of Shastras’ / Ethics should be simple to know by everybody through school educations and should be added in world educational curriculums to think always for children / others. In the World all religion has females & male. How to identify peoples by religion??? Why all these religion has been created?????

    Page No.24 (18th line) To-day the Education given to females is not good. We should
    give progressive & truth education and it is not only from the books.
    Page No.68 (12th line) If we think & ask them, they have nine lives in INDIA like
    Cats and boys are dying like houseflies.
    Above written in Hindi Book —— Bhartiya Nari
    Written by Swami Vivekananda
    This is the reason that INDIAN SAINTS don’t marry
    Wife is so kind to her Criminal Guru / Educator
    Who is thirsty for blood of males
    Page No.18 (10th line) If you think like Christ, you will be Christ or if you think like
    Buddha, you will be Buddha.
    Page No.47 (10th line) The pride of man is due to his thinking and man are different
    from animals due to his thinking power only.
    Above written in Hindi Book —— Vedanta In Practical Life
    Written by Swami Vivekananda
    The children / people should not be considered / used like goats, houseflies, cows etc. You must have read / heard about killings their own relatives in Mughals. The same way people are hanging or slaughtered in remote areas by Guru / Educator under wrong education by Shastras’ / Ethics. A good work can be done regularly by donation of Rs.1/= from everybody to explore the good things by letters / fax / email in whole world or everywhere, what we have done good and ask their good / Better thoughts to reach at the best. Regularize the good work by adding Rs.5/= or Rs.10/= in monthly tuitions fee and a specific teacher should be deputed for this work in all schools very easily to think & explore through students and parents / others for good work. Even parents / doctors / others should think & explore in their society for the best future of children / others.
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    Upper Bazar, Ranchi – 834 001 Kolkata – 700 007
    Ph. : 0651-2200166 # 2203279, Mob. : 09831822701 Ph. : 033-22597321 # 22597429

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