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Institute for Plasma Research Admission

Institute for Plasma Research Admission 2007

Near Indira Bridge,
Bhat Village,
Dist. Gandhinagar – 382 428

National Fusion Programme (NFP) India

NFP Research &Development Opportunities for the Industry Expression of Interest


The Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) is an autonomous body of the Department of Atomic Energy dedicated to fundamental and applied research in the field of plasma, physics and thermonuclear fusion and development of technologies relevant to these fields. The overall goal of pursuing thermonuclear fusion research is to develop it as a viable energy technology for future.

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an important step on the path to develop nuclear fusion as a viable, long-term energy option. Realizing the importance of nuclear fusion to the future national energy security, India has joined ITER as an equal partner along with China, the EU, Japan, Korea, the Russian Federation and the United States of America. The, Gandhinagar is the domestic agency empowered to design, build and deliver advanced systems and sub-systems forming part of ITER, which have been assigned to India under this agreement.

While India prepares for meeting its commitment to ITER, it has been realized that it is imperative to start planning and implementing a long-term programme aimed at developing competence in all aspects of fusion science and technology with a view to be ready to take up designing and building a demo reactor after the successful operation of ITER. This is the motivation behind launching the National Fusion Programme (NFP), in which academic Institutions and industries will be invited to take up research and development activities aimed at fulfilling the objectives outlined above.

NFP Research & Development Opportunities For The Indian Industry

After the academic and research institutions, the industry in India is potentially the largest untapped manpower source for research and development. It is essential for the growth of scientific R&D in India that the industry is actively involved in R&D that is not necessarily specific to their product line.

As an initial step to induct the Indian industry into the fusion research effort, it is planned to organize a 2-day workshop at Gandhinagar sometime during the middle of November 2007, where opportunities for the Indian industry to participate in the National Research Programme as an active R&D partner and possibly a future commercial provider of specific technologies to the National Fusion Programme will be discussed. We expect industries interested in participating in this programme to have some experience (though not mandatory) in executing projects for national research laboratories (DAE/ ISRO / DRDO / CSIR/ IPR) or for foreign customers.

Since the number of participants would be limited, the invitation to attend the workshop will be based on the “Expression of Interest” being submitted by the industry to NFP Participants from the selected industries will be invited to attend the workshop. The workshop is planned in such a way so as to sensitize the industry to the requirement and challenges of the R&D in the fusion program and identify potential projects for funding and execution. There will be an interactive session in which the participants can express their willingness to take up short-term R&D projects, which will be funded by NFP. For more details of R&D areas in fusion sciences, please visit the NFP website.

Some of the broad areas of research where NFP is seeking R&D partners from the Indian Industry are; (1) RF & Microwave engineering, (2) Laser, Optics & Fiber optics, (3) Magnetics, (4) Superconductivity & Cryogenics (5) Vacuum Technology (6) Power Engineering (7) Electronics, DAQ, Control and Software (8) Precision Engineering, (9) Special welding/joining technology (10) Electroforming.

Interested parties may write to the undersigned along with an “Expression Of Interest” and a brief note on their company profile, R&D experience and past work carried out for the above mentioned agencies. Also kindly provide Name /Tel / E-mail of a person of your company who can be contacted regarding this matter. The last date for receipt of application is 14th September 2007.

For further details, please contact the undersigned.

Dr. Ravi A.V. Kumar
NFP-lndustry Workshop,
Institute for Plasma Research Bhat,
Near Indira Bridge,
Gandhinagar 382 428,
Tel: 079-23969001 to 015,
Extn: 272
Fax: 079-23969017

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